Parks & Grounds in Scranton

Nay Aug Park
Arthur Ave. and Mulberry St.,
East Scranton
+1 570-348-4186

Weston Field
982 Providence Road,
North Scranton

Montage Mountain Resort
1000 Montage Mountain Rd, Scranton
Pennsylvania, United States ‎
+1 800-468-7669

Tripp Park
2199 Dorothy St,
Scranton, PA, United States
+1 888-811-7354 ‎

Allen Park
Price St. and Main Ave.

Cayuga Field and Playground
699 Cayuga Street,
North Scranton

Chic Feldman Field
Glen St., Pinebrook

McDade Park
1 Bald Mountain Rd,
Scranton, PA,
United States ‎
1 570-963-6764

Clover Field
900 Acker Ave.,
West Scranton

Connell Park
800 Gibbons St.,
South Scranton

Connors Park
Orchard Street

Duffy Park
Harrison Ave.
East Scranton

Fellows Park
Main Ave.,
West Scranton

Grace St. Playground
400 Grace St.,
Plot Section

Jackson Terrace Park
Jackson St.,
West Scranton

James P. Connors Park
Orchard St.,
South Side

Jim Crowley Recreation Site
End of Washington Ave.,
Green Ridge

1200 Moosic Street
Rte. 307

Minooka Playground
2800 Colliery Ave.,

Paul Ross Field
Amelia Ave.

Powderly Park
Main Ave.,
West Scranton

Rockwell Park
Rockwell Ave.,
North Scranton

Sturgis Park
Washington Ave and Electric St.,
Green Ridge

Tripp Park
2199 Dorothy St.,
West Scranton

Weston Park
Spring St. and Hollister Ave.,
North Scranton

Robinson Park
East Mountain Road,
East Mountain

Oakmont Park
200 Debbie Drive,
East Mountain

Woodlawn Islands
800-1100 Woodlawn St.,
Green Ridge

Sunset Islands
1000 Sunset St.,
Green Ridge

North Scranton Mini Park
Market St.,
North Scranton

10th Ave.
West Scranton

Penn Ridge Swim Complex
Capouse Ave.